What is mediation?

Mediation is a structured process that helps people communicate better. I intervene where communication has become difficult. Mediation achieves positive results for employers because it works towards achieving consensus  and it relieves tension between people in conflict.

There are three stages to a mediation process:

1)     The commissioning stage: the process is initiated, the participants identified and terms are agreed.

2)     Stage One: Individual meetings: the mediator meets with each participant. This is an unstructured meeting, at which the participant can talk confidentially about the situation and plan, with the mediator’s help, what they want to present if they choose to meet with the other participant(s).

3)   Stage Two:  If both participants agree, a joint meeting where the participants come together in a process structured me. Often one joint meeting is enough to improve communication and resolve difficulties, but sometimes participants need more than one session, especially in cases where they want a written agreement.

It’s generally useful to allow a period for reflection between the individual meetings and the joint meeting, but many cases may be resolved in two half-day sessions. Even without a joint meeting, the process launched in the individual meetings may break the communication deadlock.