About Stephanie

I work in conflict resolution, in the workplace and other settings, facilitating conversations and using mediation techniques to free up communication. I offer one-to-one conflict coaching, and group work focused on change. I also train and supervise new mediators.

Mediation techniques promote communication in conflict situations. Think about mediation early in a developing conflict, before individuals’ positions become entrenched. Facilitated conversations can intervene to prevent recourse to formal proceedings and may run alongside other HR processes. My work with people in organisations allows them to develop their own solutions.

Conflict coaching is a one-to-one activity, grounded in principles of effective communication, with up to three 90-minute sessions, focusing on issues brought by the client. I work face to face, or on the phone/by Skype.

I am an Approved Mediator, recognised by the College of Mediators. My experience, over more than a decade, allows me to support, mentor and supervise new mediators.

I work as a trainer and group facilitator in a wide variety of contexts including schools, local authorities and with the general public.

My experience includes:
Mediating in workplace disputes, neighbour disputes, and in child access cases.
Consulting and advising senior school leaders on conflict management.
Coaching individuals to improve their management of conflict.
Training, supervising and mentoring mediators.
Designing and delivering conflict management training.
Running consultative groups in schools.
Tailoring training to the needs of the organisation.

As the leader of an organisation, I have managed restructures, HR and recruitment, operations and finance functions. As a CEO, and as a trustee I have experience in organisational development and governance.